When Time is of the Essence

When Time is of the Essence

A few years back, I started presenting a session at industry events like motion, NAB Post|Production World, and Adobe MAX, called “When Time is of the Essence: Creating Motion Graphics on a Deadline”. If you haven’t had a chance to take part in this session yet, watch for it the next time I speak. I think you’ll find it an eye-opening experience.


I found this subject to be particularly fitting, because it directly relates to…my life. More often than not, I feel like there’s never enough time. Between creating content for motion.tv or cgnews, preparing the next motion+connect, or producing motion – it always seems like time really IS of the essence.

I remember the first time I presented “When Time is of the Essence: Creating Motion Graphics on a Deadline” at NAB in 2009. I was concerned that participants might not be able to relate.

But what I discovered was…I am not alone. Crazy deadlines, long hours – not to mention the stress that comes with it – seem to be a common phenomenon in the industry.

There’s always a silver lining. Because time is of the essence, I’ve had to come up with ways to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. For me, the silver bullet centers around a customized Adobe Production Premium workflow.

Be warned though…Working Smarter, Not Harder does have its side-effects:
– less stress
– more time to create
– and more free time

…which ultimately leads to enjoying what you do, remembering why you got into this business to begin with, and creativing a positive life/work balance.

Remember, it’s not only work situations where time is of the essence. As a cancer survivor, I’m reminded that time is always of the essence.
Work Smart. Play Hard!

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