VueScan celebrates its 10th anniversary. Free upgrade to 8.5

VueScan is celebrating its 10th anniversary! And to celebrate, Hamrick Software is giving previous customers a free upgrade to VueScan 8.5.
“We’ve been working on VueScan for 10 years and have made thousands of improvements in this time. We’d like to thank everyone who has purchased VueScan in the past by giving them a free upgrade to VueScan 8.5” says Ed Hamrick, President of Hamrick Software.

Some major improvements since VueScan 8.4 include support for multi-core processors, skew correction and multi-page documents. Support for multi-core processors means that many scans are up to 50% faster when using a dual-core processor. No other scanning software has multi-core support, and for users working with very large files this results in a significant time saving. The largest performance improvements are with infrared cleaning, grain reduction and descreening. Skew correction means that any document or photo that has been placed in the scanner slightly askew (rotated) can now be straightened from within VueScan, without the need to physically rotate the document or image and then rescanning.

VueScan supports over 1200 scanners on Windows, 750 on Mac OS X and 580 scanners on Linux. A single 5 Mbyte download supports all these scanners.

I have been a long time user of this application and love it. If you are a current user, take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade, free of charge. If you haven’t tried VueScan yet – check it out! You’ll love it.

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