The future: more 1080p high-definition content online

High-definition 1080p content has been available for quite some time. But why haven’t we seen more content available online?

Pirating. Major motion picture studios are worried about pirating. This in turn discourages them from making premium 1080p content available via streaming. But Intel recently announced a solution that will allow studios to be able to provide content, without the concern of pirating. The solution? Insider.

Early this month, Intel announced that it was building a hardware security layer in its next-generation Core chips to prevent streaming movies from being copied. The chip feature, called Insider, includes an end-to-end protection layer and management feature to unlock high-definition movies from online streaming services, said Karen Regis, consumer Consumer Client Marketing Manager at Intel.

Insider is a part of Intel’s enhanced graphics offerings in its next-generation Core processors, which will were officially released on Jan. 5, just before CES in Las Vegas.

Intel has partnered with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, which will make 300 high-definition titles available from its WB Shop or Best Buy’s CinemaNow service. The movies will be able to be played only on systems with the next-generation core processors. Intel is also in the midst of partnering with more studios and announcements will be made in the upcoming months.

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