speaking at motion 2011

speaking at motion 2011

I’ll be speaking at motion, October 9-11, 2011 in ABQ. NM.

motion is a mind-bending two day ride – what we refer to as the “TED talks” of our industry. motion speakers are the top creative thinkers and innovators in motion graphics, animation, and vfx. A concept borrowed from TED, each speaker is on stage for 20 minutes giving the talk of their life on subjects they’re passionate about. Talks that revolutionize the industry. Talks that revitalize the creative muse.

I’ll be presenting When Time is of the Essence – join me in ABQ next month!

When Time is of The Essence

We’ve all been in this situation. The client wants a compelling motion graphic or vfx piece. The initial meeting was a great success. They have the budget. All the stars are aligning…and it looks like it’s going to be an exciting project! The only problem? They need it in half the time that’s humanly possible to create it.

What’s the key to ‘on-demand’ brainstorming and creative thinking? How do you generate multiple ideas without losing steam? What are some organizational techniques that will improve your workflow. How do you deal…when time is of the essence.

Join motion producer Elaine Montoya, in the second of our motion 2011 interactive sessions, designed specifically for motion designers and creatives faced with short deadlines. If this isn’t you…I want your job.

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Q. Why should I be at motion?

A 3-minute Short…Everyday
Elastic Spaces
Exploring the Intersection of Advertainment and Storyselling
Failure is Not an Option
Fresh Out of the Starting Gate
Change with a Changing Industry
Getting There: Real Life RPG
HAX Double Vision
If These Walls Could Talk
Industry Timeline: Return of the Swiss Army Knife
Kinda Makes You Think…
Look From a New Angle, Change What You See
Mashup: Transforming Movie Scores
Now THAT’s Creative!
Removing My Cat’s Dingleberry: Notable Achievements
Standing Out from the Crowd
Taking Care of Business. And You.
The Lost Art of Original Music in Advertising
Walking Through Walls
When Time is of the Essence
Verses: Found

100m2 in the Palm of Your Hand
3D Broadcast Graphics: After Effects + Cinema 4D
3D Broadcast Graphics: From Sketch to Screen with Cinema 4D
Audio Post-Production Basics for Video Professionals
Beyond Keyframes: // LAB
Creating 3D Titles – Yesterday
Creating Custom Looks…in 20 Minutes!
Creating the TRON Legacy Title Animation Effect
Destruction City Trailer: Adding Effects that Sizzle
Forward into the Past: History in Motion
FOX’s Fringe: 3D Text Effect
HDSLR Editing with Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium
Lean, Mean, After Effects Machine
Lean, Mean, Premiere Machine
Learning C4D: Creative Camera Movement // LAB
Open Workflows with Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium
Planar Tracking for Graphics & Effects
Professional Video: The Adobe Roadmap
Putting it all Together: My Strong Suite
Roto Brush and Warp Stabilizer: Shortcuts to Higher Production Values
Stereo Conversion for Film & Broadcast
Sweetening Your Audio with Adobe Audition
The Edge
The Graphics Factory
The RED Workflow Acceleration Secret: Now You Know
The Reel World: Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro // LAB
Title Design from Concept to Screen: On Little or No Budget!
Track the Impossible: Using mocha and CameraTracker in After Effects
Upending Identity Crisis
Using Effects in Final Cut Pro X
Using Motion to Create Effects for Final Cut Pro X
Who’d a Thunk It!?!
Vector Art is your BFF: Illustrator and After Effects
What’s new in Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium
You’ve got Flash in my After Effects // LAB

ANSWER: To feed my brain

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