Setting the Stage for Beautiful Video: Flash Player 10.2

Adobe recently posted the beta for Flash Player 10.2 on Adobe Labs. As shown in a sneak peak just last month at Adobe MAX, Flash Player 10.2 beta with Stage Video can deliver brilliant HD video with dramatically little processing power. What does this mean to those of us in the video, motion graphics and animation realm? Adobe states, Using Stage Video, we’ve seen laptops play smooth 1080p HD video with just over 0% CPU usage.

That’s pretty darn good if you ask me 😉

Stage Video works across browsers. When the final shipping version of Flash Player 10.2 is released, users will benefit from Stage Video accelerated content with a simple Flash Player update. Tom Nguyen, Product Manager, Flash Platform Runtimes at Adobe states, “We’re also introducing Stage Video across devices. In fact, today Google TV already takes advantage of Stage Video in Flash Player to deliver gorgeous 1080p HD video playback on TVs.”

For content providers, Stage Video will work with all of the existing video viewed in Flash Player once they utilize the new API in their video player SWFs. This means their websites will continue to benefit from Flash Player’s advanced streaming for smooth, higher quality playback, DVR-like playback control, content protection, and consistency, with no changes to their encoded videos or infrastructure. Developers can learn more about how to enable their sites to take advantage of Stage Video today, and sites like YouTube have already started adding early support for Stage Video.

Other new features include:
-users with multiple monitors will be able to watch videos in true full screen on one display while multi-tasking on another
-support for native custom mouse cursors
-new sub-pixel text rendering enhancements that leverage Adobe typography research to further enhance readability of text in Flash Player

Developers are encouraged to check out the Stage Video demos on Adobe Labs, including a demonstration of Stage Video from our friends at YouTube. If you’re an end-user, you probably don’t need to download the beta – you’ll benefit from Stage Video with the final release of Flash Player 10.2 next year as websites take advantage of it.

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