screen designer mark coleran on NPR

On January 23rd, NPR’s All Things Considered did a segment titled Hollywood’s Computers: Telling A Story In A Flash. While it didn’t go into great detail, it did provide the general public with an overview of the subject of screen design for motion pictures . . . something most people never stop to think about.

Futuristic screen design has a interesting effect on it’s audience. For most people, it goes unnoticed. It fits with the era the motion picture is depicting, and isn’t given a second thought. This means the screen designer did their job. For those who lust over technology, reactions tends to be a bit different – usually evoking the ‘I want that software!‘ response. Once again, kudos to the screen designer.

Mark Coleran is one of the most talented screen designers of all times. His credits included Mission Impossible III, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Bourne Identity, Tomb Raider, Children of Men and more.

Mark has been an attendee favorite speaker the past two years at motion, offering sessions that ‘wow’ participants . . . and make them think. Beyond being a talented designer, the man is brilliant.

Listen to the All Things Considered segment on NPR.

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