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Adobe Slate From A Designer’s Perspective

It was just about a year ago when Adobe launched Voice – and innovative app that Emmy award winning tech journalist David Pogue deemed, ‘One of the simplest, most creative, most joyous apps ever written’. Voice went on to be included in Apple’s prestigious App Store Best of 2014 list. Well, Adobe’s back at it again. Today, they announced the release of their latest iPad app, Slate. Slate lets users tell their stories using text and images. At its core, Slate is a continuation of Adobe’s recently adopted app design mantra touting ‘easy-to-use tools for creatives’. Slate is made for anyone who wants to communicate with impact. Using a set of professionally designed templates, Slate users can now turn their next report, newsletter or travel adventure into a document that captures attention – complete with eye-catching motion. Slate content automatically adapts to any device for a high-impact reading experience on tablets, smartphones or computers. Slate creations are links that can be shared easily via text message, email, embedded in websites, or posted on social media channels. So how does Slate appeal to design professionals like myself? I decided to kick the tires and take it for a spin. First off, as a design professional, Slate is so easy to use…that I initially floundered with the app for a few minutes, assuming that it couldn’t be that easy. As I entered a block of text, I was frustrated when I hit return to start the next paragraph. Slate automatically inserted a new ‘section’. I wanted a line break. That was until I realized, that’s how Slate works. No need to know code that I use day in and day...

A Fresh Look at Daylite 5

Years ago I wrote an article titled Daylite – The Little CRM That Could. In the article I explained how I chose Daylite as the CRM that we use at Well it’s been a while since that last article (2011), so I thought I would write a bit more and talk about Marketcircle’s latest release, Daylite 5. First off, let me say the term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is somewhat inaccurate, as Daylite does so much more than just handling interactions between customers and clients. The description on Marketcircle’s website is much more accurate: Daylite keeps everything related to your business in one place, so you and your team can share information wherever they are by Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Your contacts, schedule, tasks, projects, sales opportunities, emails, and notes are all there, making it easy to find what you are looking for in seconds. isn’t your typical business. Instead, it’s a mix of multiple entities including: motion – our annual conference retreat for creative professionals, – content that feeds your creative brain, cg+news – our motion picture and broadcast industry news portal, and our newsletter – BrainFood – all of which are owned by our design firm, z o c o l o c o | s t u d i o s. Because of this, we don’t have one standard workflow that fits each entity. And, because there are just two of us who handle everything, we’ve had to come up with systems that are lean and clean. the toolbox One of our challenges is that at any given time, we are working with multiple people outside of our organization simultaneously. Whether...

Daylite – The Little CRM That Could

I’ve tried a wide range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. From ‘cloud’ based applications, like Elements CRM, to the old tried and true like SugarCRM. Each of them had things I liked…as well as things that I didn’t like. Finally, I think I’ve found a CRM that’s…just right. Daylite. The Little CRM that Could.

Decoding Design: A must have for all designers

Whether through deep personal exploration, or simply by being more in tuned to the world around them – they are aware of the patterns all around us and have harnessed these ‘secret’s and applied them in the world of graphic design. … Never before has a designer taken the time to go through their process, and put it down in words in such an eloquent and explanatory fashion.

Kuler: Is this Kul – ‘er What!

Forgive me…I couldn’t resist with a name like Kuler! But seriously, is this tool cool or what! So, just what is Adobe Kuler? Simply put, it is an online color-matching tool that could help shave a few minutes off your workflow. But the truth is, it is much more than that.