Photoshop Express now Online

The newest member of the Photoshop family is now online. Photoshop Express is the perfect tool for casual users – especially those who want to work with images online.

Photoshop Express’ big brother – Photoshop – is the most powerful image editing tool ever created. For pros it is unmatched. For casual users – it is overwhelming. Thus the concept of Photoshop Express.

The price? FREE! Can’t beat that. Down the road as new features are added, Photoshop Express will most likely be offered on a subscription basis.

So just what can you do with it right now? Adobe has identified four needs when working with digital images: organizing, editing, sharing and community. All are a part of the new Photoshop Express.

The best part – It’s very slick and simple to use! First, create an account. After you login, you can upload images from your computer, or import them from other online services such as Flickr and Facebook. From here, organize them however you want. You can create albums, set the viewing order, and even tag images for searching. Images than can be share through your public Photoshop Express gallery, or if you want to keep it more private, you have the option to send private email links to friends. The gallery slideshow is slick – naturally it utilizes Adobe Flash!

The really sweet stuff – image editing.
Just like Photoshop, you have the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and color balance – through a very simple to use interface. And the results would make Photoshop proud!

Don’t forget to play while you are at it. Adobe has included some cool effects like Sketch, Pop Color, Distort, Tint and Black and White.

The biggest limitations of this cool app? Currently it can only accept jpeg images, and there is a 10mb limit per image.

Just like the pro apps — all edits are non-destructive. What this means is that you can’t accidentally mess up your originals. Try something. Then try something else. Don’t like one of the modifications you made? Just hit the check mark next to it to easily remove the adjustment. If you’re not happy with one of the particular edits, you can pull it out of the stack without losing all the other edits. You can do some incredible images easily – things that would take much more effort to create in Photoshop.

Like the idea of this online, easy to use application? Stay tuned . . . there are a lot more in store from Adobe!

Well…what are you waiting for! Go check it out . . . enjoy!

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