Obama saves money using Adobe Connect Pro

President Obama walks his talk. One of his goals: to streamline government.

A couple of recent actions he has taken are inline with this goal. Several weeks ago, he appointed a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Performance Officer to look at ways to cut costs, and made a request to all cabinet officers to find a way to eliminate $100 M from their budgets by finding new efficiencies.

As an Adobe Community Expert, one of my favorite cost-saving measures implemented by Obama, is the U.S. Department of State use of Adobe Connect Pro. Through Adobe Connect, this geographically dispersed organization can save a substantial amount in travel costs by meeting ‘virtually’ online.

High-profile users that I am aware of? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used Connect Pro for her historic meeting with the European Parliament.

And most recently, President Obama himself has made his Connect Pro debut, presenting at a Town Hall meeting during a recent visit to Turkey.

The cool part? They’re not just using Connect Pro – their getting into it! Adobe Connect Pro allows for a wide range of customization in virtual ‘room-layouts’, graphics, and widgets. The Department of State has become a power-user in this area.

I’m happy to see the Obama Administration delivering on their promises of streamlining government, openness, transparency – and a commitment to using technology to achieve these goals.

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