My Dream Phone has Finally Arrived! iPhone

My Dream Phone has Finally Arrived! iPhone

Ok, so it hasn’t really arrived yet. And rumor has it that it won’t officially ship until June 2007. On Apple’s website, the official disclaimer reads ‘This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.’ So I still have to wait…

I have waited this long . . . what’s a couple more months!

Apple chose to partner with Cingular as the provider. My guess is this is because it is a GSM network and Apple wants to sell this phone worldwide. Sure, T-Mobile would have been another viable alternative – and possible through future ‘unlocked’ versions of the iPhone – will be a player. Either way, a worldwide distribution is a great plan.

What a phone it is! Here’s the details…

In Apple Dashboard Widget style, the iPhone display contains:

The primary controls include: Phone, Mail, Web, and iPod.

Because the iPhone is based on Mac OS X, you can assume that there will be tons of 2nd party ‘widget’ applications developed for the iPhone. Additionally, software manufacturers may even be able to port ‘lite’ versions of their applications to this new device.

The price? The iPhone is $499 for a 4GB model and $599 for an 8GB model with a 2-year Cingular contract and it will ship in June. Cingular contract. At first glance, that may seem high. For example, you can usually get a Treo for around $299 or less if you sign a 2-yr contract. But, when you think that it is also an iPod, you can skew the figures. A 4GB iPod Nano would cost $199 – balance price of the phone, $300. An 8GB iPod Nano would cost $249 – balance price of the phone, $350 … hmmm, I wonder if they realized that…

So, what else would I like to see in the iPhone that would make it really rock? Being both a Mac and an Adobe fanatic, I would like the best of both worlds. Hopefully by the time the iPhone actually comes to market, we will also hear rumors about Flash Lite running on this phone – either independently, or through the built in Safari browser. Rumors of the ability to create Apollo applications (Adobe’s up and coming desktop application development tool), would definitely be an added bonus!

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