motion09 speaker Mark Coleran: Gridiron Flow

Recently, Gridiron Software officially launched Flow – a visual workflow manager. So why am I excited about this new app? First of all – because it is freakin’ cool. Originally designed as a workflow organization tool for motion graphics, once people got a glimpse of what this innovative application could do – everyone wanted to use it. Because of this, the app was revamped to include workflows for many more disciplines – from design and illustration, to web and video.

And the second reason I’m totally excited about this new app?

Because of Mark Coleran’s connection. Mark is a visual designer, known for his work on major motion pictures including The Bourne Ultimatum, The Island, Mission Impossible III, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Additionally, Mark is one the amazing creatives speaking at motion09 this fall in ABQ. Mark’s innovative way of looking at screen interfaces plays a huge role in the Flow interface design. And it shows.

Unobtrusive interfaces – it’s part of Mark’s mantra. And Flow excels in this arena. For many people, when they first install the application the “hardest” thing they have to learn – is the fact that they don’t have to do anything. Since most people are used to ‘traditional’ application interfaces, the concept of not having to do anything, takes a bit of . . . trust. Really, Flow will take care of itself.

Check it out…

Take a look at this video. It provides an overview of Flow, demonstrating just how easy it is to use.

GridIron Flow Overview from Dave Cross on Vimeo.

And then…

Check it our for yourself. Download a demo copy on Gridiron’s website. Play with it. Explore. Be amazed. And…trust. Yes, it’s really that easy.

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