No 64-bit Photoshop CS4 for Mac Users

The next incarnation of Photoshop won’t be 64-bit for Mac users. This means some aspects of Photoshop – especially when working on larger images, will be faster on a windows machine. I for one, am disappointed. So why is this happening?

Adobe has already released a beta version of the next generation Lightroom (Lightroom 2 beta) and it is 64-bit. So what’s the big deal about making Photoshop 64-bit? Here’s the scoop. All ‘older’ Adobe applications, such as Photoshop and After Effects – are developed on the Carbon framework. Surprisingly, Apple’s own Final Cut Pro and iTunes are still built on this framework as well.

Contradictory to Apple’s initial claim that all Carbon or Cocoa applications will be 64-bit, last year Apple cancelled the 64-bit roadmap for Carbon. This means that only applications built on the newer Cocoa framework will be able to be 64-bit-enabled. This translates to a major rewrite for Adobe.

For more info, check out Adobe Product Manager John Nack’s blog.

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  1. The biggest question for me is … will it be worth the cost of an upgrade from CS3?

    I am running 32-bit OS but if it makes a lot of difference I might go 64- bit … which further increases the cost 🙁


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