In search of the perfect Twitter app

I think I have tried almost every Twitter app out there. And with each of them, I like certain aspects of the application, but find them lacking in other ways. I admit…I am in search of the perfect Twitter app. Obviously, my definition of the ‘perfect’ Twitter app, means it’s perfect for me. Your definition of the perfect Twitter app may differ. So let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

First, to clarify, I will outline what I’m looking for in my perfect Twitter application. It must:
– handle multiple Twitter accounts, as I wear different hats when I tweet
– have an easy way to switch between Twitter accounts – no loggin in, then loggin out.
– be able to easily identify which Twitter account is currently active After all, you don’t want to post to the wrong account 😉
– not take up tons of space on my desktop.

Sorry TweetDeck – this is where you were eliminated.

– have a good interface design. I’m a designer. Design is everything. It’s gotta look good.
– show the number of characters remaining – a given
– have the ability to shorten URLs – another given

bonus features: (for extra ‘perfect Twitter app’ points)
– timeline feature – ability to view someone’s Tweets as a timeline
– ability to follow or un-follow someone through the app
– ability to block a follower through the app

and… for the app to move to the category of ‘great’, it must have a companion iPhone version with similar features. It came down to two apps for me. And the winners are . . .


Great app. Great design.



Ultimately, HootSuite garnered the most points for it’s additional abilities to:
– schedule tweets
– track results

Check it out at

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