Creative Cloud :: How to Disable Activation Devices

Creative Cloud :: How to Disable Activation Devices

Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to have two devices active. For example – your desktop computer and your laptop. So what happens if you try to install on a third device? Creative Cloud asks you to either deactivate the license on one of your other computers, or offers to deactivate all currently activated computers.

A few days ago, I was installing Creative Cloud on my new MacBook Pro. I ran into this issue – but was not sure which of my devices had a current activation. I assumed that Adobe had this info in my account somewhere, so I decided to explore – and share the results with you.

  • It’s pretty simple.
  • login to your creative cloud account
  • select Manage Account
  • you may be asked you to login again
  • select Plans and Products
  • under your Creative Cloud plan, select Manage Plan
  • in the column on the right, you’ll see a section titled Activated devices
  • click the ‘x’ icon by the device you want to deactivate

Simple enough! If you accidentally deactivate a device, simply reactive by launching any Adobe application. It will ask you to login, thus activating that device.

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