Best in the SW

Best in the SW

Are you the best motion graphics designer or animator in the Southwest? Find out by entering the Best in the SW: Flash Animation & Motion Graphics Festival! The grand prize is Adobe Studio 8! If you are a student, we also have special categories for you.

So what do we mean by ‘Southwest’? We decided to define SW through Wikipedia’s definition. Basically, if you took a map of the United States, and divided it in half from north to south, and then in half again – from east to west… you would have the 4 quadrants of the United States. The southwest would be – well, the southern most and western most quadrant.

Basically, it includes New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, parts of Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada, and California. And we know there is a lot of talent in this region! So let’s show it off!

The contest is divided into two basic categories: Animation and Motion Graphics. So unlike many Flash festivals – we are not including ALL forms of Flash in this event. It has to be either animation or motion graphics.

If you used other tools in addition to Flash when you were creating your project . . . that’s fine. As long as the final format for output is either a .SWF file or .FLV.

To find out all the details, and download a form to enter, check out our website at!

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