2018 Annie Awards for Animation ✓done!


The deadline to vote on the 2018 Annie Awards was last night at midnight. And I got my votes in with 24 hours to spare!

ASIFA is the Association Internationale du Film d’ Animation – or in English – The International Animated Film Association. I am fortunate to be a voting member of ASIFA Hollywood. Which means – each year around this time, I’m swamped…watching tons of animation! Definitely, nothing to complain about!

Revolting Rhymes – an outstanding adaptation of Roald Dahl’s twisted fairy tales was a treasure in this year's Annie Award nominations.

— i said that

Not your typical ASIFA member

Let me preface this with an aside.

I’m not your typical ASIFA voting member.
I don’t work for Disney.
I don’t work for Dreamworks Animation.

In fact, I don’t work for any of the large animation studios that are known to influence award results. Do my votes even make a difference? That, I’ll never know. What I do know is that the animations I vote for have talent, skill, creativity – and most of all – story.

Speaking of ‘not-your-typical’…Revolting Rhymes definitely falls into this category. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. This outstanding animated adaptation of Roald Dahl’s twisted fairy tales was a treasure buried deep in this year’s Annie Award nominations.

Animated by a Triggerfish – a relatively small South African animation studio, Revolting Rhymes was a monumental achievement.

Pixar's Day-of-the-Dead gem pays loving tribute to Mexican culture with animation that brims over with visual pleasures, comic energy and emotional wallop.

— Peter Travers :: Rolling Stone

Coco :: 2018 Best Animated Feature

Ok, the votes haven’t been tallied – but I would be amazed (and disappointed) if Coco didn’t win the Annie for Best Animated Feature.

To be honest, Coco was leaps ahead of its competitors:
– Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie – DreamWorks Animation
– Cars 3 – Pixar Animation Studios
– Despicable Me 3 – Illumination
– The Boss Baby – DreamWorks Animation

While there are some good things to be said about each of these features – except Despicable Me 3 – Coco was in a category of its own.

What made it stand out? Story. The key to any successful feature animation.

Jewel-bright and heart-wrenching

— Sheri Linden :: Hollywood Reporter

Independently speaking...

More often than not, I tend to enjoy many of the nominees for Best Animated Feature-Independent more than the mainstream features.

This year, two independents stood out:
– Loving Vincent – BreakThru Films
– The Breadwinner – Cartoon Saloon

Both were excellent – and I would recommend seeing them. But if you had to pick one, don’t miss The Breadwinner. It is extraordinary.

It hit all cylinders: story, animation, design, education, impact, and humanitarian purpose.

Bruce Demara from the Toronto Star summed it up beautifully:

The Breadwinner is a well-crafted and inspiring story with an important message about female empowerment, embodied in heroic Parvana, something people of all ages should embrace.

In keeping with my goal for this blog, each post to be short and sweet. Easily digestible. Morsel size nuggets With that in mind – it’s a wrap!

an arbitrary line in the sand

Magical thinking

New Year’s Day is like a video game. On the first day of the year, you’re granted a new life.

If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am.

— Cyril Cusack

At least that's what were taught

We make resolutions. We envision a new life – one that is better than that of the previous year. But the reality is, New Year’s Day is just another day.

Don’t get me wrong – having the ability to draw an arbitrary line in the sand and use it as a guidepost for making change isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can be very beneficial. It’s only when we think that the day itself has some magical characteristic to evoke change.

This year I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow.

— Intention

Time to reflect

Yesterday, I took some time to reflect on things I want to change in my life. From learning new skills and managing stress – to being in the moment and maintaining a high fitness level as I age. There was plenty to reflect on.

New Year’s Day is a good day to create awareness, as a means to evoke change.

And now…the ball’s in my court.

trollhunters, trump & 2018


I’m a huge fan of animation. One of my favorite animated children’s series is Dreamworks Animation’s Trollhunters.  Not to give away any of the storylines, but one of the characters ends up with the name NotEnrique.

Oh no. You did not just call me shallow, did you?

— NotEnrique


Last year about this time I was fretting. I was fretting about the impending inauguration of


I dreaded it. I fretted. I took part in the Women’s March. And a year later, he is still…NotPresident.

Saying "Happy Holidays" is a war on Christmas?

From November 1st through January 15th, the world's major religions observe 29 different holidays.
Yours isn't the only one that counts.

So I ask myself

As much as I would love the new year to begin with a new inauguration…the reality is, that’s a ways off.

So I ask myself:

What will make this year better than 2017?

Well, I guess that’s up to each one of us.

christmas. a season of giving. a season of receiving. and...a season of expectation

'Tis the season

The holidays are a special time of the year. It’s a time of giving. It’s a time of receiving. And – for many of us it’s a time of expectation.

What did Santa bring you?

We’re indoctrinated from a young age. We’re given the ‘gift’ of expectation. The expectation that if we are good – Santa will bring us something special.

For most of us, expectations extend well into adulthood. We live with the expectation that we will receive something special from our spouse or significant other. The stress about the expectations placed on us to give the perfect gift. And how about the expectation of family coming together, and for this one special day – experiencing a Norman Rockwell Christmas.

Peace begins
when expectation ends

— Sri Chinmoy

The gift of the unexpected

But sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are those that are completely unexpected.

This street musician was tipped by a young girl. What happened next…was magical.

(Don’t forget to click the ‘un-mute’ button in the bottom right-hand corner after you hit play!)

If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail

— Heraclitus

Change it up

So this Holiday season, change it up.

Instead of it being a time of giving…make it a time of forgiving.
Make it a season of receiving the everyday gifts that life has to offer.
Then, make it magical by expecting the unexpected.