Adobe Strobe Media Framework: open industry media players

This year at NAB, Adobe announced Strobe: a framework for building media players that extends the capabilities of the Adobe Flash Platform. The goal is to establish and ‘open industry’ standard for media players. As someone who develops video websites for a variety of clients, I’m really excited that Adobe is moving this direction.

Anyone who develops for the web knows that web standards both make for a better end-user experience, and simplifies our jobs. It’s a web video nightmare to have to create a different website and/or page for each type of media player.

Adobe’s efforts are part of the Open Screen Project – an initiative announced in May 2008 and backed by more than 20 industry leaders. The Open Screen Project is dedicated to driving rich Internet experiences across televisions, personal computers, mobile devices, and consumer electronics. By providing open standards around media player development.

Anyone can develop modules that plug into Strobe media players and enable things like advertising insertion, content delivery and syndication, micropayments, viewer authentication, transaction handling, and business model controls. With an open framework, the future of web video monetization can be developed collaboratively with lower costs and faster turnaround.

Let me re-iterate this last sentence: we now have a framework for delivery and monetization. Historically, video monetization was limited to large companies with large budgets.

Strobe is expected to be available, FREE – the second half of 2009. For more information on Strobe, read Adobe’s online FAQ.

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