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I’m excited about Adobe’s new creative mobile apps! I just attended an online session that talked not only about Adobe Ideas, which many of us are already aware use regularly, but three new Adobe Photoshop mobile apps – Adobe Eazel, Adobe Nav, and Adobe Color Lava.

The cool thing I love about Adobe Ideas is the ability to create both raster (Photoshop) and vector (Illustrator) files. This opens the door to tons of possibilities! Remember – anything you create that is vector based, can be enlarged to any size you need. So even though you may be creating a design for a billboard on your iPad, you actually can use the same file to print the actual full-size billboard! Paint a portrait on your iPad, and print it as a 4-foot Giclée to hang on your living room wall. The potential is unlimited.

So, let’s take a look at the new mobile apps Adobe just announced on

Adobe Eazel

Adobe Eazel, is a great way to illustrate – anywhere. All you need is your iPad and your fingertips. Whatever you paint on your iPad screen can be sent directly to Photoshop CS5 from any location—all you need is a network connection between your iPad and computer. Or if you want to send it to a friend, simply send it via email.

Adobe Nav

Adobe Nav is next in the lineup. Just what is this? Basically, Adobe Nav serves as a network utility that allows you to create an external tool palette for Photoshop. You can now use your iPad to easily access the tools you use most. It’s like having an extended control surface – for Photoshop! If you’ve worked in audio or video, you know how working with a control surface can speed up your workflow. Now we can experience this added productivity with Photoshop, courtesy of Adobe Nav. Check this out:

Adobe Color Lava

The last app we’re going to take a look at is Adobe Color Lava. Another cool app created using the Adobe Photoshop Touch SDK, Color Lava allows you to use your fingertips to mix colors on your iPad and create custom swatches and five-swatch themes. Then, setup a network connection between your iPad and your computer, and you can access them in Photoshop CS5! Waiting before a meeting? Grab you iPad and create color palettes. Then use them later with Photoshop. Pretty sweet! And yes…you can share colors via email, as well.

Word has it these apps should be available for purchase in the not too distant future. And, with Adobe’s Photoshop Touch SDK freely available, I predict we’ll be seeing lots more Photoshop iPad apps in the months to come!

Great stuff for creatives! Now…go create!


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