Adobe announces beta version of RED Importer Plug-in

The buzz first started about 6-months ago with rumors of native support for the RED camera in Adobe Premiere. Now, it looks at though it will become reality. According to a recent announcement from Adobe, the beta version of the RED Camera Adobe Importer Plug-in is going to be available soon.

The plug-in will be available for download at The plug-in provides native support for RED R3D files to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, After Effects CS4 and Encore CS4 and allows 4K resolution native R3D files to be dropped straight onto the timeline without transcoding or rewrapping. This translates into editors being able to work in a truly native, color-rich, 4K tapeless workflow on their desktop tools.

To use the RED/Adobe workflow, you must have the RED plug-in and the CS4 product versions with the free Adobe Premiere Pro 4.0.1 update. A 64-bit operating system is strongly recommended for RED workflows. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 has been re-architected for 64-bit operating systems to use large memory more effectively (up to 20GB of memory for Adobe Premiere Pro alone, up to 64GB of memory for a large Production Premium workflow).

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