about elaine

elaine_montoya_web-500px-450x450I’ve been described as a “right-down-the-middle-left-brain/right-brain creative technologist”. But since the right-brain/left-brain myth has been debunked, I prefer to think of myself simply as a creative. Someone who needs to feed both the stereotypical left brain and the stereotypical right brain. 

Have I always been this way? It would seem so. I started my college career at the University of NM with a NASA scholarship in computer science and electrical engineering – satiating my left brain with logical, precise, and structured skill sets. But after graduating, my right brain screamed ‘what about me!’ Not one to ignore the whole-brain, I earned a second degree in graphic design from The Art Institute of Colorado.

Next chapter: Art Director for ad agencies. Founder of the visual design firm zocoloco studios. Won numerous awards. Was published in HOW Magazine. Taught at The Art Center.

Now, almost 3 decades later, life is filled with a wide range of seemingly juxtaposed experiences ranging from After Effects to AWS, PHP to print design, MySQL to motion graphics and video post-production.

Up until 10 years ago, I thought I was an anomaly. But I’ve since found out I am not alone. I am a creative. It is who I am.

Thus began the voyage of the motion.tv network. Its mission: to explore innovative thoughts, to seek out creative minds and new inspirations, to boldly go where no creative has gone before. And for the past seven years, we’ve done just that – providing online content for creatives in the motion picture and broadcast industries on motion.tv, streaming live shows like the annual Made with After Effects Awards, and most importantly, giving birth to motion…a place where people – not unlike myself – can come together each October and celebrate who we are: creatives.

Teacher. Speaker. Writer. Adobe Community Professional. I am happiest when I can truly create – and equally as delighted when other creatives remember what that experience is like, and are inspired to do the same.

On – and one more thing…in my spare time, I enjoy cycling, art, reading – and day spas. And, as a breast cancer survivor, I’m committed to advancing survivorship issues.

I am elaine montoya. I am a creative.